20 | male | ace | infp-t

Hello! I go by BlindTwig online, but most people just call me Twig. I do a variety of things, but right now my online presence is pretty minimal. I'm not even on most major social media anymore, I've moved to the Fediverse instead, as it's much nicer and healthier for me. You can call me an author, but I don't publish my works often.


I'm 20 years old, and I'm a plural system. This means I'm not the only consciousness in my head, and I shares a body with multiple minds, somewhat similar to DID, but not quite the same. If you want to learn more about it, you can read More Than One for some basic information, and The Plural Dictionary for more terminology.

I'm very anti-social and nervous, so don't worry if I doesn't respond at first, it's normal. I've had a troubled life, but I'm trying my best to keep going and improving myself, for my own good. If you talk to me and I seem a bit off compared to how I usually act around you, either I'm not in a good mood, or it's a headmate trying to hide from being in the front.

I'm very good with electronics, especially computer hardware. I enjoy tinkering with just about any piece of tech I can get my hands on, and I love talking about it, too. I think I'm very creative, but I have a hard time getting that creativity out of my mind.

I'm the co-creator of a closed species known as Felsylians. Some of my headmates have taken the form of some of my Felsylian characters, too! If you wish to learn more, my Toyhouse account has a page all about them!


My skills include repairing consumer-level computer hardware, designing levels with Valve's Hammer editor, editing videos at a beginner level, writing stories, editing HTML, and a variety of other miscellaneous skills.

Right now I'm not focusing on any one thing, I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want right now. Volunteering is something I'm okay with as long as the project interests me, so if you have an offer, feel free to contact me about it!


You can find most of the platforms I'm on through the icons below. The only two I respond to messages on are Steam and Mastodon, so please contact me via those.

The link to a Carrd site is where you can find more about my headmates.

Mt Ko-Fi is only there for emergencies or if anyone is feeling generous enough to throw me a couple of dollars, for whatever reason they feel like, of course.